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Prime Minister briefed in detail about the draft Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Act 2019.
National Coordinator NACTA Ihsan Ghani also briefed the caretaker minister about the functions of the authority.
The Minister was also briefed on the current as well as anticipated power demand and supply situation in the country.
The Minister of Privatization briefed the Committee regarding the implementation status of previous recommendations of the meetings held on 28th February, 2018.
Minister of Privatization Daiyal Aziz briefed the committee regarding the implementation status of previous recommendations of the house as well as procedural steps and recommendations made by the Financial Advisory Consortium (FAC) for Privatization of PIA and the steps had been taken up by the Ministry.
On Tuesday, General Bajwa briefed the Senate Committee of the Whole House on national security matters.
After completing their Pro "C," which included dealing with pitch and roll stability augmentation failures that appeared to clear during the profile, the two Tomcats proceeded toward each other, "comm out," as briefed. In spite of not briefing any ACM rules of engagement before the flight, once he had the other fighter in sight, the first Tomcat pilot executed a slightly nose high right turn followed by a roll to a 120-degree overbank, nose low slice turn.