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The FAA considers the weather requirement met if the pilot gets a standard briefing within two hours of departure, then an abbreviated briefing thirty minutes before departure if the weather is questionable.
In Minnesota appellate courts, briefing deadlines are triggered by delivery of the transcript, or if no transcript, by the filing of the notice of appeal.
Your opponent has perhaps retained an appellate specialist whose advocacy and writing are marked improvements over the district-court briefing. Or, maybe your opponent makes a case for affirmance on appeal based on several unanticipated alternative bases appearing in the record.
He added that it was the first time that such an open and detailed briefing was given to the upper house of parliament.
He added that it was the first time that such an open and detailed briefing was given to the upper house of parliament."Everyone is very satisfied with army chief's briefing.
Senators held a closed-door meeting at the Senate on Monday to listen to the briefing of government security officials on the martial law declaration in Mindanao.
Model 2, which excludes measures of the relative content of the briefing on each side, estimates that having a greater number of briefs has a positive impact on the probability of obtaining votes.
President-elect Donald Trump has declined several intelligence briefings offered to him and is allegedly receiving an average of only one briefing per week, reports said Thursday.
The rise in the number of amicus briefs, and their importance to the highest courts' consideration of a case on the merits (as well as to the decision to grant discretionary review in the first place), heightens the importance of parties obtaining solid amicus support for their petition and merits briefing, as well as in-house counsel understanding how to most effectively approach outside groups about providing support in their cases.
Most of us don't attend formal training programs that drill into us regimented departure briefing procedures until they become second nature.
Welcome to the third issue of the Sudan Law Reform Advocacy Briefing. This Briefing is published quarterly to highlight and reflect on law reform developments and issues critical to the promotion and protection of human rights in Sudan.
He covers briefing and computerization, the brief as information system, visual databases, expressing briefs spatially as graphs, relationship matrices, brief and design, feedforward, feedback, constraints, analysis and simulation, and the future of computer-mediate briefing.