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Briefings Publishing Group now publishes, in addition to its flagship title, nine newsletters, including Manager's Edge (12X, $147), The Competitive Advantage (12X, $149/year), Team Management Briefings (12X, $138/year), and Trend Letter (24X, $225/year).
A second breakfast briefing takes place the next day covering the subject of brands and marketing.
NPPs also can serve as briefing documents for those negotiators who may relieve, or complement, other negotiators during an incident.
The requirement for the pre-departure briefing comes from the Joint Security Assistance Training Regulation (JSAT), which states in paragraph 10-5,
But Gore subsequently read news agency accounts of the Tuesday night briefing and was concerned that it misrepresented his exchange with Li.
briefing (known as "the feeding time"), they are pissed.
For more information or to register for the Briefings, please visit www.
Although the first release of the platforms will be based on Apple technology, Apple intends to make the Support Briefing Platform and the Support Automation Platform's Support Information System component accessible from a MicroSoft Windows client.
NEW YORK -- Bluewolf, an on-demand enterprise consulting company that specializes in the deployment of enterprise software applications, announced the hosting of an exclusive Executive Briefing, "Deploying On-Demand Applications Isn't Magic," at the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City.
Wicks' Briefings Publishing Group, which will publish the newly acquired letters, publishes these:
McDonnell Douglas (NYSE: MD) plans to conduct the following schedule of press briefings during the Farnborough International Air Show.