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With the present acquisition, Briefings publisher William G.
Both events are at the City Exchange and all of the breakfast and lunch time briefings carry a charge for the catering.
This briefing has been very popular and to cope with demand, the Post and Echo is offering a second briefing at lunch time.
The free briefings are available at or can be delivered by e-mail.
NPPs complement verbal briefings provided to the command staff: they can provide invaluable assistance to the crisis negotiation team in effectively stating and defending its assessments and strategy recommendations to the on-scene commander.
Many regulatory briefings are now open for public participation.
To be effective, a person giving technical briefings needs to know the material and the audience.
It read: "I have been revisiting the standard format for the briefings for PM's Questions to see whether it can be further enhanced and improved.
The magazine, however, did not say when the briefings were, but noted it obtained a sample of briefings in the Nanjing Military Region.
The Foundation late in 1998 approved a grant to fund a series of congressional luncheon briefings on topics of interest to ASME members and the engineering community.
Dudai and Cacioppe (1991) discuss the use of team briefings as a mechanism for overcoming dissatisfaction with organisational communication.
The daily schedule for the briefings initially did not seem as compact as I had expected.