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It is not clear why Trump has chosen not to follow in their footsteps when it comes to intelligence briefings.
In the early days of the Clinton presidency, George Stephanopoulos conducted a few rowdy briefings carried by television, but he quickly fled the podium, yielding it to Dee Dee Myers.
But the The White House Correspondents' Association met Friday to review plans for the West Wing Briefing Room and re-considered the seat assignments.
Ensure that time is allowed for questions during briefings and that those that cannot be answered on the spot are responded to within a guaranteed period.
The launch of Briefings Publishing Group's flagship newsletter, Communication Briefings, is one of the industry's more popular success stories.
Both events are at the City Exchange and all of the breakfast and lunch time briefings carry a charge for the catering.
NPPs serve as visual aids to complement these briefings; however, crisis negotiators should not use them as substitutes for briefings.
Recently, a few SAOs, notably Malaysia and Singapore, have produced their own briefings on CD-ROM.
But before Gore had a chance to do that, Li raised it in their first session Tuesday morning, another administration official said in a briefing Tuesday night.
Until the electronic age, press briefings were not regularly transcribed, indexed, or archived.
We were told every day here at briefings that Peter Wallison was working on a chronology for the President; that's why you couldn't answer questions.
Bulletin Healthcare Briefings, the leading provider of customized daily electronic news briefings for the medical industry, announced today it has partnered with the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) to publish PNP Daily News, a members-only daily electronic news briefing providing timely and relevant news and information geared toward pediatric nurse practitioners.