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Caption: Brigand Arms forearms are unique in the marketplace.
La fa?s.on dont il le presente semble adopter le point de vue d'un brigand visant une prochaine proie : Chemmis est << prosp?[umlaut]re et peuple >>, c'est-??-dire susceptible de fournir du butin ; c'est exactement pour cette raison que, dans les ??phesiaques, Hippothoos invite Habrocom?[umlaut]s ??
Multilingual actress Parul Yadav is seen in the role of Shriya, who befriends Veerappan's wife Muthulakshmi ( Yagna Shetty), to understand more about the brigand and his hideout.
With 0-60mph in less than six seconds and surprising agility given its heft, the Brigand is not such an eccentric choice as it may first appear.
The four associates of Veerapan who are facing the death penalty are Gnanprakasham,late forest brigand's elder brother , Simon, Meesekar Madaiah and Bilavendran.
Photius affirme meme que ce sont les maitres qui ont transforme leurs bergers en brigands en les abandonnant sans controle dans les solitudes des pacages, Ies laissant seuls (quand ils ne les y poussaient pas) assurer leur subsistance par des rapines (5).
India's most notorious forest brigand and one of the country's most dreaded criminals was shot dead along with three of his men by police late Monday near a forest in northern Tamil Nadu State, K.
All described how some years back a brigand or rebel had been captured in the de Briouze lordship of Gower in south Wales.
A Alain Brigand, responsable del proyecto, se le ha acusado de pecar de mala fe y oportunismo: un tema asi no puede venderse mal.
Unwilling to destroy one of the two surviving clones, Sharla takes the one named Seabrig to live in secret with Corgan and trains the other, Brigand, to take Brig's place.
Unleash your inner brigand with these easy-to-digest stories of real-life lady pirates from Anne Bonny to Lai Choi San.
Ibn Saud, the founder of Saudi Arabia, was a brigand before he was encouraged by the British to take leadership against the Ottoman Empire.