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In a series of letters to the press, Watkin articulated the most interesting scheme for the stamping out of brigandage through the construction of an extensive road and railway network in the Greek kingdom.
He focuses specifically on the Qazaqs (Kazakhs), who emerged as a new nomadic people in the 16th century out of a group of fugitives and spent a period of vagabondage and brigandage at the eastern limits of the Qipchaq Steppe in the second half of the 15th century, so became known to their contemporaries as qazaqs, which means vagabonds or freebooters in Turkic.
The court has also sentenced an underaged to three years in prison for the Qalyubia brigandage case that took place in 2012.
Key words: bandits, political brigandage, citizens, forms of resistance, parties, violence.
Les debats sur le brigandage meridional et sur l'abolition (ou non) de la peine de mort etaient etroitement lies, mais agissaient, l'on pourrait dire, sur deux niveaux differents.
we will do everything possible to stop this brigandage, I can not term it in any other way", Saakashvili stressed.
A stable economy where strife, war, violence, and civil and military brigandage is not the order of the day is imperative to any country hoping to receive inflows of foreign capital .
Doctors in Al-Ribat University Hospital in Khartoum implemented a sentence of amputation on a man convicted with Brigandage (Haraba) after the convicted had exhausted all appeal stages.
It would first be necessary for the French to organize themselves into a large enough military unit, second that they abandon all their traditions and customs, and finally that their leader be an individual capable of justifying the deceptions, brigandage, and murders that come with the movement of a great army (1132).
The Maruti violence brings back troubling memories of those days of brigandage.