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Less than sixteen miles to the southwest of Beijing and located on several important overland routes that terminated in Beijing, Liangxiang's problems with brigandage turned severe in 1488.
For a work in ancient history, the consistent use of a range of materials on brigandage in early modern Europe, especially a range of works on banditry in German-speaking lands in the period that are not likely to be common knowledge even to many modern historians, is a real boon.
Leaders within an Afghan tribal qawm traditionally extracted wealth from brigandage, road taxes and protection rackets and distributed these subsidies to their supporters.
La presse egyptienne rapporte quotidiennement des informations sur la perte de controle de la situation securitaire (tentatives d'evasion collective de postes de police et de prisons, actes de brigandage, des rixes a l'arme a feu et blanche, vols de voitures, enlevements d'enfants.
Brigands with a Cause: Brigandage and Irredentism in Modern Greece, 1981-1912.
The popular image of the Middle Ages is that of uncontrolled warfare, brigandage and violence.
Since when anarchy and brigandage have been the policy of CHP?
One is not free if forced to educate their children in the classical curriculum, which glorifies violence and brigandage.
It is the US that has pampered the Jewish entity into a bully, feeding it with atomic secrets, regular and massive financial assistance and shameless support to its wild acts of brigandage at every international forum.
Under this tragic--some might charitably say farcical--arrangement, corruption, in the broadest possible sense of the term has been apotheosised into state policy and a national culture, and this malaise of corruption has equally bred abhorrent kindred pathologies such as nepotism in place of meritocracy; ineptitude instead of honest hard work; brigandage and arson, large-scale looting of public funds, murder, rape, unemployment, poverty, and mass misery and all of these have created and engendered a deeply disaffected citizenry for whom the word "patriotism" is anathema as what is, under normal, circumstances, supposed to be the commonwealth.
It was envisioned as an archipelago-wide police force assigned with the duties of controlling the brigandage and piracy that was endemic at the time and dealing with the remnants of the insurgent movement.