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BANDIT. A man outlawed; one who is said to be under ban.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(15) Clarendon, who was to die when the crisis finally subsided, described vividly how "the public feeling is rising rather than calming down respecting the brigandage," "the excitement about the recent massacre is still great," and his own personal "great anxiety & trouble" as "our angry public wish for stringent measures." (16) Newspapers were almost unanimous in describing a state of grief and indignation that had seized the public.
He focuses specifically on the Qazaqs (Kazakhs), who emerged as a new nomadic people in the 16th century out of a group of fugitives and spent a period of vagabondage and brigandage at the eastern limits of the Qipchaq Steppe in the second half of the 15th century, so became known to their contemporaries as qazaqs, which means vagabonds or freebooters in Turkic.
"A stable economy where strife, war, violence, and civil and military brigandage is not the order of the day is imperative to any country hoping to receive inflows of foreign capital ...
Doctors in Al-Ribat University Hospital in Khartoum implemented a sentence of amputation on a man convicted with Brigandage (Haraba) after the convicted had exhausted all appeal stages.
For the Promoters this was "unadulterated brigandage" and it was, they cried, showing an enviable gift for alliteration, "grasping, greedy, vengeful, vindictive and vicious".
The Maruti violence brings back troubling memories of those days of brigandage. The glow of Gurgaon's steel and glass dreamland bedazzles outsiders and prevents them from seeing the social duality of a cosmopolitan global culture co- existing in a society where khap panchayats and medieval mindsets rule.
La presse egyptienne rapporte quotidiennement des informations sur la perte de controle de la situation securitaire (tentatives d'evasion collective de postes de police et de prisons, actes de brigandage, des rixes a l'arme a feu et blanche, vols de voitures, enlevements d'enfants...).
The popular image of the Middle Ages is that of uncontrolled warfare, brigandage and violence.
Since when anarchy and brigandage have been the policy of CHP?"
It is the US that has pampered the Jewish entity into a bully, feeding it with atomic secrets, regular and massive financial assistance and shameless support to its wild acts of brigandage at every international forum.