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But if large numbers of very bright quasars, along with their parent galaxies, were fully developed a mere billion year after the Big Bang, then even the standard theory of cold dark matter might not explain the formation of largescale structure in the universe, says Turner.
Concerned there might not be enough cherries for the children to pick this late in the season, Bright had her own kids, ages 12 and 19, and her father pick cherries on Sunday to supplement what the patients picked.
The researchers acknowledge that the bright patches could represent craters or other rugged, radio-reflecting surfaces that just happen to coincide with the north and south poles.
Survivors include her husband, Harold Bright; daughters, Carol Campbell, Joe Donna Rendell, Judy Wilson, Sue Bright and Nancy Bright; 11 grandchildren; 30 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.
Researchers mistakenly interpreted the single bright line that these echoes formed as a fracture, Plaut says.
You normally don't have ground water coming out of the ground unless that water table is high,'' said Bright.
But Neptune's auroras shine only about one-sixtieth as bright as Uranus', he notes.
In the high country - elevations of 10,000 feet or better - where the intensely hued trout has been introduced and is frequently restocked, it gobbles down Sierra bright dots like M&M's, perhaps faster and more often than any other dry fly tossed.