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Carbury's couch, and in the means of conveying her from the bedchamber to the drawing-room, which alleviated the poor lady's sufferings and brightened her gloomy life.
Then, with a kind farewell, the gentle Fairy floated upward through the sunny air, smiling down upon the child, until she vanished in the soft, white clouds, and little Annie stood alone in her enchanted garden, where all was brightened with the radiant light, and fragrant with the perfume of her fairy flower.
His face at first wore the melancholy expression, almost despondency, of one who travels a wild and bleak road, at nightfall and alone, but soon brightened up when he saw the kindly warmth of his reception.
It 's dreadful long," began Tom; but his face brightened, for Polly's interest soothed his injured feelings, and he was glad to prove his elocutionary powers.
THE event was called Rays of Sunshine and Alesha Dixon certainly brightened things up in her cute colour-pop crop top and skater skirt.
It gradually brightened over the following 2-3 days and reached magnitude 4.
Cheeks, brows and lips can be highlighted and sculpted while shadows are brightened.
BRIGHTENED UP: The shop fronts in Albert Road Middlesbrough which show views of Albert Park, above, and Stewart Park, below Pictures by KATIE LUNN
BASKETS of flowers have brightened up a square in Coventry thanks to the hard work of residents.
Many roads in and out of the town have been brightened by displays of spring flowers.
A team from DLA Piper has brightened up the lives of some of Birmingham's most needy youngsters.
Summary: A possible electoral alliance between Congress and regional heavyweight Samajwadi party brightened on Monday after chinks appeared in the relationship between the two last week.