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He made a great show of lavishing wealth upon the woman of brilliance and audacity.
On the contrary, the room was of dazzling brilliance and beauty, for it was lined throughout with an exquisite metal that resembled translucent frosted silver.
He had been disappointed in his certain hope of obtaining not only a beautiful, and, to him, highly attractive wife, but one whose rank and fortune might give brilliance to far inferior charms: he was likewise, no doubt, intensely mortified by his repulse, and deeply offended at the conduct of Miss Murray throughout.
Summary: Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Feb 28 (ANI): Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Minister Smriti Irani expressed her condolences to the family of late veteran actor Sridevi, and lauded the superstar's craft and professional brilliance.
html) press release Tuesday summarizing the study published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers found that women lost interest in jobs that asked for intellectual talent or brilliance, which is perceived as a masculine trait.
Auto Business News-December 19, 2017--Renault SA establishes JV with Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd
Online retailer OpticsPlanet has awarded Champion Traps & Targets, makers of interactive and challenging target systems, Best Target in its 2017 Brilliance Awards.
The Brilliance V5 occupied the fourth position, with sales of 20 cars at a value worth only EGP 5.
By age six, girls become less likely than boys to associate brilliance with their own gender and are more likely to avoid activities said to require brilliance, according to a study conducted by researchers from three universities.
The first piece is a virtuosic showcase that shows the brilliance of each individual musician on the stage, Linz (shows) Mozart's brilliance in being able to compose such an amazing piece in less than a week, and the piano concerto features the brilliance of our soloist," he said.
Critique: With the three volumes comprising his outstanding series 'The Brilliance Trilogy', author Marcus Sakey has established himself as a gifted and original storyteller, and a truly exceptionally action/adventure novelist.
He continued, "Our 'Let's Read' Program is exciting, engaging and inclusive," as both authors want everyone to recognize their own brilliance, and believe that can be done by "increasing literacy, which stimulates creativity, and by keeping a focus on diversity and unity allowing for the inclusion of everyone.