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On Monday, the competition culminated in an award ceremony to honour the brilliant green vision of the students.
One moment it was dusk and he was descending into a brilliant green, the next moment it was the dead of night and he was falling with night-vision goggles, the forms underneath him an electronic green the way the night vision electrified them, the valleys and hills like the moon, the treetops waving and blurred.
Floating alongside the International Space Station, I watched hurricanes cartwheel across oceans, the Amazon snake its way to the sea through a brilliant green carpet of forest, and gigantic nighttime thunderstorms flash and flare for hundreds of miles along the equator.
Chinese water dragons are brilliant green and very striking to look at.
Brilliant Green transforms the way we look at the world of plants, and, as follows, the world.
Edwards cites the bold and brilliant green and white tile of 1560-70, sold at Sotheby's London in 2010 for 229,250 [pounds sterling].
It's so often the little touches that make the difference on a plate - in our case the rich, red baby vine tomatoes bursting with flavour and the brilliant green mange touts, blanched to perfection and with a wonderful, crispy crunch.
Helens and the brilliant green creation has captured the eye of jewelry designers worldwide.
Morocco's marijuana farmers live in a strange limbo in which the brilliant green fields are largely left alone, while the growers face constant police harassment.
No Salmonella species were detected on brilliant green agar (Oxoid Ltd, Hampshire, United Kingdom), even after enrichment in tetrathionate broth.
Rather than using a red or amber chevron or cross-hairs, the reticle on the G is a brilliant green donut--a thick circle, which hovers atop the familiar black-line bullet drop compensating "post.