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No Salmonella species were detected after plating the samples on brilliant green agar after enrichment in tetrathionate broth.
35) % for brilliant green, Congo red, crystal violent and methylene blue dyes respectively at initial dyes concentration of 1 mg/l, so adsorbent material was found to be efficient to dyes removal from SSAS and wastewater.
One tiny cell built inside of itself a new pigment, a brilliant green thanks to its ability to absorb only certain colors in the light of a younger, weaker Sun.
Shouting over the noise of the outboard motor, he points across the sea to a distant limestone cliff topped with brilliant green foliage.
With gown and flip flops on, a hammock or the curved outdoor sofa offering majestic views of the beach, and jutting headland cloaked in England''s most brilliant green, the call to unwind becomes very persuasive.
A mighty river winds through a brilliant green landscape.
But if it was music you were after, then you couldn't have been better served than at the brilliant Green Man and Swn festivals.
I drove the same route between Napa and San Francisco a couple of times a week in 2002 or 2003 but this was January when the grass is the most brilliant green here so I jumped out and took a couple of shots and then carried on my way," the Daily Mail quoted O'Rear as saying.
Brain-heart infusion and brilliant green broth were the most efficient enrichment media for Salmonella.