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Brentford hit back and nearly scored a dramatic winner deep into injury time but Hreidarsson's header from an Evans corner was brilliantly saved.
Using a formula employed both in African American and white fiction, as described so brilliantly by Wolfgang Binder, Stribling depicted a mulatto in Birthright (1929) as a morally intact, intelligent, sensitive, potentially upwardly mobile and tragic African American person.
The architecture of iridescence, so brilliantly exploited by the Morpho butterfly, calls attention to this creature of the rain forest--not only for its beauty but also for the lessons it may hold for human constructors.
Part love story, part psychological thriller, this brilliantly written and captivating debut heralds a bright new talent.
Since their early involvement with Brilliantly Birmingham as students many of the designers have gone on to forge successful international careers with their work represented in galleries around the UK and abroad.
What follows is a brilliantly dizzying ride through 60 years of time, replete with cultural and political markers from Mussolini to Mickey Mouse and back again.
Courtright's use of shamanism to spin a tale of deep self-exploration and forgiveness brilliantly exhibits the complexity of spirituality and healing.
Through a melange of folklore, historical accounts, poetry, song, legends and images of paintings, engravings and drawings, the authors reanimate the slavery era and the lives of incredible women who so brilliantly survived.
While Gonson's deadpan singing renders a couple of slow numbers into dirges ("No River"), it also brilliantly illuminates Merritt's wit on the more dramatic ditties, especially the sweeping and hilarious "I'm A Vampire": "I've survived for 700 years / And still look 17," she tosses off with a shrug.
And aptly so: Each panel might not hold up as an individual, self-contained work, but the whole succeeds brilliantly, its throwaway eloquence burning as brightly in the breaks between canvases as in the constituent parts themselves.
Here, especially on the first night, I felt she was a shade too coy, too much the belle of the village, too much of a Swanilda, although her calmly and brilliantly articulated dancing in the second act proved fantastic.
In the 1960s, astronomers identified a group of objects that rank among the most distant in the observable universe -- quasars that glow brilliantly in visible light and at radio wavelengths.