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Caption: Even a tighter brim didn't completely solve Sarah's problem.
Wide brims look good on a square-shaped face and an asymmetric line can look lovely.
03m) cash acquisition of sector company Brim Holdings.
and downturned hat brim at the doings of what must seem another planet
Culture is no different in business than it is in any organization," Brim said.
The new Cap Light[TM] from Day One Camouflage is a baseball hat with bright LED lights built into the brim.
The team at Burke Marine has redesigned their range of wide brim hats to make them more user friendly for those on and off the water.
NO ONE HAS EVER LOOKED as cool in a fedora as Humphrey Bogart, the brim turned down in front, dropping a shadow of mystery over his eyes.
If you go for a wide brim with a high crown, you can avoid the dreaded "hat hair".
It's the classic ethics question: If you found a wallet in an airport parking lot filled to the brim with $30,000 cash, would you turn it in to the police or run like hell for the nearest plane to Tahiti?