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Protruding from layers of dusty black woolen clothing and tucked beneath a black, brimless, Cantor's hat, (9) Nosferatu's gaunt and pallid face, shot in three-quarter profile, seems to float.
Made in tandem with a small millinery in Brooklyn, the shape follows some tradition--a Moroccan fez meets a proper lady's church cap--but the hat's oddly brimless shape and swelled size make it a Duckie original.
Egypt's Ottoman Viceroy Mohammed Ali (1805-1848) made the Greek version of the fez, a brimless hat with a silken tassel, a standard feature of military uniform for soldiers and officers alike.
In fashion, what B is the name given to a soft, brimless hat associated with the French?
The tarboush is a brimless, usually red cap with a silk tassel.
Arguably the hats Dostai saw in his own days were tall brimless hats, donned by the nobility in the Parthian (and in the generations following his own, what had become the Sasanian) kingdom of Mesopotamia and Persia in the Roman period.
The term "cap"--actually defining a brimless head-covering that is worn outdoors--is unsuitable to describe the ceremonial hats worn--often indoors--by Tibetan masters belonging to various religious traditions.
Even in Skippy," his father mused, "in Skippy where he wears himself a cap he makes sure--only a brimless.
Most of the older buildings have elegant Turko-Persian style balconies decorated with floral filigree work, and men wearing doppas--small four- or five-cornered brimless embroidered hats--sit on benches in the street smoking water pipes and eating grilled skewers of meat.