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Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine whether a brimless socket would compromise coronal hip angle and socket movement, increase skin pressure, and be more preferable to patients than the standard of care IRC socket.
The introduction of the brimless version as well as the Lil' Kromer (see question 6) could be discussed in the context of being a market development strategy versus developing related products such as a premium made and priced wool coat targeted to the "hunt and fish" segment.
Turbans had become popular by the fifteenth century in Europe, as had the hennin--a high, coneshaped woman's headdress resembling a brimless "witch's hat.
Perhaps the most famous was when Ataturk banned the wearing of the fez in public; the brimless fez was traditionally worn by Muslim men so they could touch their forehead to the ground when they prayed.
But actually, the round, brimless style was first seen in the '20s.
Five years ago, brightly colored handwoven Kente cloth, brimless Kufi hats, earthy mud cloths from Ghana and Senegal and bone-toned cowrie shell jewelry appeared to be a nostalgic way of dressing among African Americans.
This form of head protection is completely brimless, so bowstring collision is not a problem.
The guards, still wearing the brimless red headgear with a black tassel, now wield metal detectors rather than rifles.
Among the outfits on show is a silk embroidered day dress and brimless silk satin hat designed by costume maker Susannah Buxton in 2009 and worn by Maggie Smith in series two, set from 1916 to 1919.