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I am looking forward to seeing Brims realise our vision of The Fram Well and producing office space that adds value to Durham City as a location that can attract and retain the best talent."
Brims recently served as a senior research analyst at Brean Capital, Llc, where he covered the biotechnology sector.
Consider your face shape Generally the following rules apply: | Square - Go for a wide-brimmed hat, particularly when worn at an angle or wearing the brim asymmetrically.
"Ilsa, I'm no good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world," he had told Ingrid Bergman (playing Ilsa Lund, wife of Nazi-resistance fighter Victor Laszlo) from beneath his shadow-casting brim. This American expatriate had just boldly chosen principle over personal satisfaction.
If you go for a wide brim with a high crown, you can avoid the dreaded "hat hair".
If you're going for a hat with a brim, wear it set at an angle rather than straight on - asymmetrical lines are very useful.
From where to go tiger-spotting to paying homage to holy sites to learning how to navigate bazaars and much more, Fodor's India brims with over 600 pages full not only of places to go, but tips for blending in and making the most of one's experience when one gets there.
If all this talk of bright prints, retro designs and big brims is enough to send you opting to go au naturale up top, then think again, because the good news is that anyone can look good in a sunhat.
* In this study, four farm workers wore baseball caps and two alternative types of headgear with wide brims for 20 to 36 hours during planting of corn and soybeans.
It was the end of an era for the famous Longhope boat and its shed at Brims. Soon they will become history.
Straw designs with wide brims look seasonally chic with lace or grosgrain bows, twisted, decorative straw bands bordering the brim, and delicate flower wreaths made from artificial flowers.