bring about change

See: militate
References in classic literature ?
To share lodgings with a brilliant dinner-companion, or to see your favorite politician in the Ministry, may bring about changes quite as rapid: in these cases too we begin by knowing little and believing much, and we sometimes end by inverting the quantities.
Some maladies of this kind bring about changes in the voice-producing organs that give the sufferer a short-lived power of song that no trained voice can surpass.
Those who claim to bring about change should realize that change does not come through hollow slogans and jugglery, as real change needs hard work and commitment", he added.
His examination reveals the failure of laws and judicial systems to bring about change in the status of those in minority positions.
Interacting with students in Kurukshetra, Gandhi accepted that there were several anomalies in the political system and revealed that it was his anger with the state of affairs in the nation that motivated him to bring about change.
Carson noted that, "the question of whether nonviolence can really bring about change is present in every struggle, and I asked myself the same question during the African-American struggle in the 1960s.
The real and the mysterious are intertwined throughout until the boys finally find the 13 stones, each one a particular fear, which Bryan must walk through in order to bring about change and release.
Every picket line we walk, every protest we join, helps bring about change.
Each time a parent of a truant is sent to jail, society seems to be saying, `we are more interested in punishing parents for the behaviour of their truanting children than in finding new ways of supporting parents to bring about change in both the behaviour of children and in their relationship with education and teachers'.
But in their rush to bring about change, reformers don't understand the practical limit of what boards can do.
Through clinging to the past and not letting go, we can get stuck--we harden and resist, missing opportunities that might bring about change, transformation, and fulfillment.
But I believe we must stay in the Roman Catholic Church and bring about change in our church.