bring accusation

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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- While based on evidence the US and its allies have a direct and significant role in creating chronic security crises in Africa, Western media outlets, in coordination with US intelligence agencies, plan to bring accusations against Iran.
As a result, would-be replacements for boldface names have an incentive to bring accusations to light, whether or not they're true.
12 Jamie Roberts Partnering the burly Welshman with Tuilagi will bring accusations of a lack of creativity, but both men are ferocious gain-line merchants and there is enough ball-playing skill around them elsewhere in the back line to make up for it.
The commercialization of sex and the nature of performance, in which, instead of mass village participation, we have a passive audience watching a small group perform, may bring accusations of voyeurism.
Ms Kelly's decision will bring accusations the Government is afraid of angering parents by abandoning the A-level "gold standard" ahead of a general election campaign.
Ms Kelly's decision will bring accusations that the Government is simply afraid of angering parents by abandoning the A level 'gold standard' ahead of a General Election campaign.
"Today justice has been globalized, and if Chile doesn't bring accusations against Pinochet, the international community will demand it.
This statement--which is simply a matter of arithmetic--is guaranteed to bring accusations of 'class warfare."'
Upon winning the lawsuit, Mauricio declared, "I hope this allows other people to bring accusations against those responsible for torture."
Vieira's latest bust-up will inevitably bring accusations from the club that there is a vendetta against them and the player in particular.
A quick trial - or an untimely accident that silences Montesinos permanently - would bring accusations of a coverup and convince many that justice was not done.