bring action against

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Gibney proposes the creation of a permanent International Civil Court or World Court of Human Rights where individuals can bring action against states for violations of rights.
The spokesperson said: "From January, Gwynedd Council will be working with the environmental enforcement contractor Kingdom on a 12-month trial to investigate and bring action against the small minority who litter pavements, paths and parks or who stubbornly refuse to clean up after their pets.
Their sustained operations against illegal activities demonstrate the Duterte administration's firm resolve to expose tax cheats and bring action against them in court,' Dominguez added.
The Dodd-Frank Act authorized the SEC to bring action against companies that retaliated against whistleblowers, and in June 2014, the SEC initiated its first such action, charging Paradigm Capital Management with engaging in prohibited principal transactions, then forcing the resignation of the trader who reported the violations.
Back then, the lights brought so many people to the city that the House of Lords attempted to bring action against the responsible authority for causing chaos.
The Tesco Shareholder Claims (TSC) group, backed by US law firm Scott + Scott, said it plans to bring action against the group after it admitted it had overstated profit expectations.
Today, as Nick recovers from his terrifying ordeal, his sister Lisa, of Ashington, Northumberland, has launched a fight with High Commissioner in Chennai to bring action against those responsible.
If a child feels tormented to the point they feel the only way out is suicide then parents should have recourse to the courts to bring action against those who put their child in that position.
Workers Compensation is a no-fault system that provides medical benefits as well as lost wages for injuries that occur on the job without having to bring action against the employer.
ROYAL DUTCH PETROLEUM MAY LIMIT SUBJECT MATTER jurisdiction under the Alien Tort Statute, but it won't eliminate attempts to bring action against foreign defendants.
However, it is thought that American regulators could attempt to bring action against firms that are either owned by a US parent group or have American investors, or those with US operations.
Using the right to trade concept, developing countries would be able to bring action against an advanced country when a trade or trade-related policy affected poor people or their ability to trade.