bring charges

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com/news/us-news/mueller-has-enough-evidence-bring-charges-flynn-investigation-n817666) NBC News Sunday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has enough evidence to bring charges against both men.
Being subpoenaed or investigated does not mean prosecutors will bring charges against the banks.
Opposition SDSM said that via the additional Deputy Minister of Finance, Kire Naumov, they were going to bring charges before the Administrative Court regarding the loan veto case.
Earlier this week, relatives of Jacqueline Morton, 51, who was killed in the crash, said they would seek to bring charges against Mr Clarke, 58, after prosecutors ruled out doing so.
THE family of a woman killed in the Glasgow bin lorry crash will seek to bring charges against the driver after prosecutors ruled out a case against him.
Swedish prosecutors said on Thursday they had dropped investigations into allegations of sexual assault made in 2010 against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange because they had run out of time to bring charges.
Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said there is enough evidence to bring charges, but his dementia is too severe.
ON 8 June 2012, under the headline "Officers could face prosecution as CPS considers evidence", we reported that prosecutors were considering whether to bring charges against Cleveland police officers after the conclusion of a probe into the force's conduct.
Police are deciding whether to bring charges over the scandal at Edinburgh's Mortonhall Crematorium, where it's feared the ashes of hundreds of babies were buried in secret.
They had waited seven months for the Crown Prosecution Service and Greater Manchester Police either to bring charges or end their harassment of the union.
Wronged bride, childminder Claire Phillips, tried to bring charges but was eventually told a cupcakes heist was a civil matter.
But after an investigation into mobile phone records and questioning at Solihull police station, officers decided there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.