bring charges against

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Macedonian businessmen are not going to bring charges against Croatia for last month's one-week blockade of its border crossings with Serbia in response to the overwhelming surge of refugees, says Alfa TV.
He said his office had not yet decided whether to bring charges against Blatter.
Earlier this week, relatives of Jacqueline Morton, 51, who was killed in the crash, said they would seek to bring charges against Mr Clarke, 58, after prosecutors ruled out doing so.
THE family of a woman killed in the Glasgow bin lorry crash will seek to bring charges against the driver after prosecutors ruled out a case against him.
Police may also bring charges against people irrespective of whether a pyramid agreement is verbal or in writing.
Groups from cities, including New York and Chicago, had traveled to demonstrate in front of the Ferguson police station after a grand jury declined to bring charges against the officer.
But the pre-judgments and ensuing violence on display in Ferguson in the wake of Monday's decision not to bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson show how very far the nation has to go in achieving the shared understanding and commitment to fundamental principles that are the essential foundation for making such progress.
While no criminal charges were filed, the Mullica Township Board of Education voted to bring charges against the teacher through the state to remove her.
ON 8 June 2012, under the headline "Officers could face prosecution as CPS considers evidence", we reported that prosecutors were considering whether to bring charges against Cleveland police officers after the conclusion of a probe into the force's conduct.
The Justice Department concluded it will not bring charges against Assange for publishing classified documents.
US authorities have yet to bring charges against him or file an extradition request.
A Jack Scalia fan who posted to the IMDB page of the actor following the arrest thought it was excessive to bring charges against the former "Dallas" actor.