bring charges against

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RIGA, Aug 6 (LETA) - The Corruption Prevention Bureau is asking the prosecutor's office to bring charges against eight persons, including Ugis Broza, an official at the Riga City Council's Transport Department, for various crimes and violations during reconstruction of Salu (Island) Bridge in Riga, sources told LETA.
The Parliament will bring charges against the ex-president necessary to strip the ex-president of immunity with the majority of votes;
President Rodrigo Duterte has asked the Ombudsman to investigate members of his Cabinet for corruption and bring charges against those who will be found to have betrayed the public trust.
"This case was a very complex and challenging case to put together in order to bring charges against the responsible individual," Deputy Chief Geoff Guttschow said in a Facebook post.
Police are seeking advice over whether to bring charges against England all-rounder Ben Stokes following their investigation into his arrest on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm.
According to an exclusive report by( NBC News Sunday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has enough evidence to bring charges against both men.
CATALONIA'S ousted regional president said he travelled to Brussels to seek "freedom and safety" after Spain blocked his bid for Catalan independence and sought to bring charges against him that could put him in prison for decades.
ISLAMABAD -- In the wake of an attack by armed members of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on a TV channels offices in Karachi, Reporters Without Borders also known as Reporters Sand Frontieres (RSF) has called on the British authorities to bring charges against the MQM's London-based leader Altaf Hussain, who openly urged his followers to carry out the attack.
Poppi Worthington's mum is "angry and disappointed" with the decision not to bring charges against her ex, Paul Worthington.
PROSECUTORS are considering whether to bring charges against veteran entertainer Sir Cliff Richard over alleged historical sex abuse.
Being subpoenaed or investigated does not mean prosecutors will bring charges against the banks.
Janeva also threatened to bring charges against media for insult and slander.