bring disgrace upon

See: discredit
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She had never considered Maggie as a pearl dropped unstained into Rum Alley from Heaven, but she could not conceive how it was possible for her daughter to fall so low as to bring disgrace upon her family.
But even the satisfaction of talking with a distant connection of the British nobility did not render Amy forgetful of time, and when the proper number of minutes had passed, she reluctantly tore herself from this aristocratic society, and looked about for Jo, fervently hoping that her incorrigible sister would not be found in any position which should bring disgrace upon the name of March.
Why, such indecent and disgusting dungeons as these cells, would bring disgrace upon the most despotic empire in the world!
Panel chairwoman Jennifer Rogers said: "The panel is satis-fied that the actions on the part of Ms Cullen, particularly her false statement to the police officer, were such as to bring disgrace upon the profession of social worker.
And she lived in fear that the real-life Rhett Butler - a handsome adventurer named Red Upshaw - would sell his story to the papers and so bring disgrace upon herself, her family - and her trusting real-life husband...
The revelations about hacking of mobile phones belonging to Milly Dowler, the families of the murdered Soham girls, the 7/7 survivors and widows of Iraq War victims bring disgrace upon the profession.
Father Corapi says the main effect of the Winnipeg Statement was to bring disgrace upon its authors.
Personal freedom is about the right for the law-abiding to go about their business in safety, not for the lawless to do as they please.These thugs bring disgrace upon themselves and cause immeasurable damage to the causes of those who have used genuine, peaceful protests for years.
We tend to scandalize, demoralize the personalities and bring disgrace upon them.