bring down

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If we just fully implement the law, we can bring down [poverty to single digits] within the term of the President.
Speaking to media in Lahore, Rafique said, "PPP, PTI and other groups can't bring down PML-N".
New Delhi [India], Nov 26 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the farmers to bring down the usage of urea by half by the year 2022.
Global Banking News-October 27, 2016--HSBC doubtful about RBI's capacity to bring down inflation
The Syrian military said on Thursday that it would bring down any Turkish war planes entering Syrian air space, a response to air strikes carried out by Turkeyovernight in northern Syria.
Lowering income tax rates would bring down revenues by approximately P139 billion, and the lowering of the corporate income tax rates will bring down revenues by approximately P34.
This will help bring down prices of other edible oils from soyabean and sunflower as well.
He directed PPA to bring down the rates of the poultry items as per their assurance given while presenting budget proposals last month.
The government's efforts in bringing down the generation cost of electricity but government should concentrate on adding cheap hydel electricity to further bring down cost of energy mix in Pakistan.
GERMANY officially praised David Bowie yesterday for helping to bring down the Berlin Wall.
If you cannot bring down the Government, bring down the fence", this is a new political saying concluded on the last press conference of the social democrats held in front of the Government building, comments Dimitar Grumar in Dnevnik.
The Yemeni forces managed to bring down the Saudi unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in a safe and sound manner, al-Masyra TV reported.