bring into existence

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But, said I, one is enough; let there be one man who has a city obedient to his will, and he might bring into existence the ideal polity about which the world is so incredulous.
In this day and age, the select few who are still able to bring into existence that which is otherwise just a figment of someone's imagination are certainly beyond every other service calling themselves 'bespoke'.
He promised to pay the new minimum wage as soon as he receives the official transmission the relevant memo from the Federal Government while noting that the Pension Reform Bill passed a few days ago by the State House of Assembly would bring into existence a seamless and positive scheme for workers in the state.
Afrocentricity International, a worldwide organization of Afrocentric Pan Africanists, will redouble its effort to bring into existence a universal resurrection of ancestral respect and a will to create the United States of Africa.
In remarks at the conference, Talhouni said corruption, mainly favoritism, bribery and extortion are a social, moral and political "plague" that should be countered and fought by all ways and means He said Jordan was among the first countries to join international efforts to bring into existence and highlight the United Nations Convention against Corruption.
In 2015, however, on his second trip to South Sudan, a country the US helped bring into existence, he found himself in an almost unimaginable place where the same kinds of war crimes were being committed right then and there in a commonplace way, where violence was the coin of the realm, and horrors of various sorts were almost guaranteed to be around the next corner.
We conspired to bring into existence an activist group that ...
As the port is not seeing much exploitation as of current, we have decided to bring into existence a strategy that will see future benefits to the country s economic status, SLPA Chairman Dr.
"David and Patricia decided in early 2014 to reconvene and travel down to the Cardiff studios of legendary contemporaries Llwybr Llaethog (John Griffiths and Kevs Ford) to set up a one-day recording session that would bring into existence the songs that would constitute Erbyn Hyn."
have been proud to bring into existence were he in that business
The steles were inscribed: as my father the Aten liveth, I will make Akhet-Aten for him, mountains, meadows, islands, villages, men, beasts and all things which Aten, my father, shall bring into existence eternally forever.
Recommending the establishment of Press Council in 1956, the first Press Commission had concluded that the best way of maintaining professional ethics in journalism would be to bring into existence a body with statutory authority, of people principally connected with industry whose duty it would be to arbitrate.