bring into the open

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'PTI condemned in the strongest terms horse trading for the Senate elections and decided to bring into the open those involved in it,' said the statement.
The PTI leadership also decided to bring into the open the elements involved in the heinous act of 'marring the essence of democracy'.
He said that the Action in Aid of Civil Power was promulgated in 2011 but given retrospective effect from 2008 to enable the security agencies bring into the open for trial those detained by them for years.
We know all that they keep secret as well as all that they bring into the open.
We must trust our newspapers to bring into the open the negligence of all people responsible for allowing Baby P to suffer alone in fear and terror.
This would bring into the open the U-turn this Lib-Democrat administration has been acting upon since it promised to "Save Our Open Spaces" in 1998.
"All he has ever tried to do is bring into the open stories about the security service which he believes are in the public interest."
"We hope this official form will give nurses the confidence to bring into the open exactly what is going on and force managements to take action."