bring pressure to bear

References in classic literature ?
With that secret in her possession, she could bring pressure to bear on Caswall which would make it no easy matter for him to evade her.
Summary: Lebanese leaders Monday launched a flurry of diplomatic activity designed to bring pressure to bear on Israel to halt its repeated violations of Lebanon's territory, after Israeli air attacks raised the potential for a new confrontation with Hezbollah.
So lets get to the point of what this article was really about: an attempt by the Contractor and their lawyers to bring pressure to bear on the Department to pay invoices that are currently disputed.
"We have been monitoring the situation quietly with the expectation that the various interventions from across the world would bring pressure to bear on the regime to do the right thing.
"We must unite all our efforts to bring pressure to bear on the regime so that they stop this diversionary move and concentrate minds on the peace process now underway.
If you have a tenants' association this can bring pressure to bear. The alternative is to take the landlord to court for breach of your lease agreement or to require him to enforce the covenant against the tenant - although this course will almost certainly be at your cost.
I would like to emphasize that the police must strictly enforce the regulations regarding limit and the public, who are the worst sufferers, must bring pressure to bear upon the police and other authorities to put a stop to reckless and negligent driving so that lives of citizens are not put at risk.
Has his girfriend been abducted as a means of punishing him, or perhaps to bring pressure to bear on him?
He added that crisis settlement in Syria requires drafting a new constitution and holding new presidential and parliamentary elections, calling on Washington to bring pressure to bear on the Syrian opposition to move forward in the political settlement.
Those behind the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement describe boycotting Israeli products as an effective and peaceful way to internationally isolate and bring pressure to bear on Tel Aviv to end its Gaza blockade and persistent violations of international law.
It behoves businesses to bring pressure to bear on somewhat tardy transport contractors to pass on the full benefits of reduced prices.