bring proceedings against

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The court also said that it was generally right to uphold the principle that people should not be allowed to bring proceedings against others on a risk-free basis.
As The Grocer went to press, HMRC investigators were still working inside its Birmingham and Croydon depots and Eastenders was preparing to bring proceedings against HMRC challenging the seizure of its stock, which is held at the Birmingham depot and suppliers are currently unable to reclaim.
If the Court of Human Rights in The Hague backs the new case, it could let parents bring proceedings against councils - and get their children back.
We are aware that if Birmingham City Council and the Charity Commission fail to resolve Highbury Trust's governance problems, it would be possible to bring proceedings against the Council.
Work has started to bring proceedings against them.
Lord Mandelson said lawyers had already started work compiling evidence to bring proceedings against the directors to prevent them holding company office in the future.
Our meeting aims to study what's happened in terms of contacts with the Sudanese government and armed groups and see what we can do to suspend international justice efforts to bring proceedings against President Beshir," said Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra, the African Union Peace and Security.
But last night the HSE concluded there was insufficient evidence to bring proceedings against anyone for the disaster.
If we are able to as certain in any way from the items dumped the identification of the perpetrators then the council will take the necessary measures to bring proceedings against them.
Unsurprisingly, the female secretary saw through the employer's Machiavellian plan to get rid of her without incurring the risk that she might bring proceedings against the firm.
If the change is imposed without agreement, they could bring proceedings against the council for breach of contract and unions could even call for a strike ballot.
I have passed a dossier to Trading Standards, who have the power to bring proceedings against the firm for breaking the rules.