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She said that we have to bring round enraged Baloch people to sort out any pragmatic solution to the issue.
Credit goes for this grand victory to Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who, at the time of her visit of USA, succeeded to bring round a number of Senators to support amendment, while after her return the matter was very efficiently handled by Pakistani ambassador Ms.
We settled back into the booth and the waiters began to bring round the skewers of meat.
We actually had patients in the chair at that time who we had to bring round.
Nurses will bring round the injections by bicycle or motorbike and party hosts are offered a discount on treatments if they can persuade up to five guests to have the face-firming jabs.
Valjon Kurtishi, leader of "Ilirikum Libertas" says that the elections will bring round the parties regarding their acting in the position and opposition.
We need him on the ice to silence the critics and bring round two of the playoffs to Arizona and keep the Coyotes here in Glendale where they belong.
If the Plaid candidate is right about his warm reception, it suggests there is a latent goodwill towards his party in Wales - I think he's right about that, and there is scope for Plaid to bring round wavering floating voters.
Doctors were planning to bring round Thompson, 18, who has been heavily sedated and on a respirator.
When we finished all the night shooting, Clint said he would bring round some English beer to celebrate," says Armstrong.
And the compromise move by British diplomats at the UN headquarters in New York may not be enough to bring round the French, Russians and Germans.
Sure to appeal to fans of both the old and new Family Feud TV show, Hasbro Interactive's Family Feud games for the PC and PlayStation will bring round after round of fast-paced competition right into the living room.

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