bring to

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Bring to a simmer, stirring constantly, until the mixture is light caramel in color and is thick, about one hour.
Add the water and the warm wine, bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and maintain at a simmer.
Bring to a simmer over medium heat; simmer gently, uncovered, 15 minutes.
We happily welcome Barsky to the station and look forward to the excitement he and his team can bring to mornings in Philadelphia.
We chose strategic partners that would not only fund the company's growth, but were committed to working closely with us as we bring to market a truly innovative photonic system that addresses service providers' near-term capacity challenges and long-term revenue objectives.
Industry start-ups have already experienced the benefits of working with Ignition founders and value the approach the company will bring to entrepreneurs.
This is exciting for me and requires the experience and capability I bring to the company.
Day expressed his excitement about joining the Johnny Carino's team today by saying, "The experience that Norman and Creed bring to the table, in addition to the unique flavor and atmosphere of the Carino's concept, make its success a given.
To be released wide in the United States by Destination Films in July 2000, "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" will bring to the big screen the magic of Thomas, a little steam engine cherished by generations of families worldwide.