bring to an end

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KARACHI -- A social worker Sagheer Ahmed Siddiqui has urged the local administration to bring to an end the 'illegal charged parking' in Karachi.
Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu's understanding is that there is no way to vanish, or bring to an end, or destroy, a settlement that was brought up in the past 40 years.
CHAIRMAN JIM McGLONE: "Monaghan United after much deliberation and soul searching have decided to bring to an end it's involvement in Airtricity League of Ireland.
He hoped the meeting would help bring to an end the cattle raids and to improve the relationship between the counties.
1 : to bring to an end : finish <complete a job>
According to the Religion News Service, the mid-November vote at the church's General Synod meeting in Oyer, Norway, aims to bring to an end the state-church system that has been in place since 1537, when the then-united Denmark-Norway endorsed the Lutheran Reformation.
At the end of the sale, Pim stood down from the rostrum for the final time to bring to an end a long and distinguished career that began when he first mounted the rostrum at the Ballsbridge Sales in 1975.