bring to bear

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Many of the 110,000 scientists and researchers in our global community have often spoken to me about their desire to bring to bear their talents to overcome the most pressing human challenges of our times," said Ali Hussein, InnoCentive's chief marketing officer, vice president of global markets.
We selected each of these individuals for the expertise they will bring to bear on our long-range growth strategy.
It is very gratifying to be appointed to this position and I look forward to working with Jerre and the board to bring to bear my experience in helping IHS to expand its contribution around the world.
The convenience of automaticity coupled with its physiologic pacing capabilities will bring to bear significant benefits for physicians and the more than 900,000 patients worldwide who receive a pacemaker each year.
We are pleased to welcome Venkat to the management team, to further round out the business functions and bring to bear his experience of marketing new technologies and products.