bring to completion

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During the period, the Engineering, Construction and Procurement (EPC) contractor has been awarded over 20 district cooling plants and is now working to bring to completion six plants by the end of this year and into the first half of 2016 within the GCC region.
But the first one, Waiting at the Foot of the Cross, is a much more macro vision, really critiquing the way that the West and North America has implicitly understood hope as kind of mastery over chance, mastery over making things happen the way we want them to happen and having goals that we reach and bring to completion.
Helped bring to completion an energy efficiency project that is expected to save 2,300,000 MWh over a ten-year period, which is the equivalent of saving the CO2 emissions of 338,000 cars over that same time period.
In the footprints of the great late-twentieth century landscape surveys of Greece treads a new generation of researchers keen to analyse the data gathered in these seminal surveys (Boeotia, FARINETTI) or extend them temporally (back to the Lower Palaeolithic, TOURLOUKIS) or bring to completion surveys started in the 1990s (Berbati valley, LINDBLOM & WELLS).
This is a project that they have helped shape and will work to bring to completion.
Human beings realize their freedom in symbols of recognition, which initiate, already in the here and now, processes, which they themselves cannot bring to completion.
We will bring to completion the establishment of the foundations of the knowledge-based economy which lies at the core of our program for the present and future stages.
This is going to be work that takes several years to bring to completion.
Padilla has said he also ran for council re-election because there are still projects he is trying to bring to completion, such as a new City Hall building in the Northeast Valley.
In 1926, Ernst Cassirer invited him to Hamburg to meet Aby Warburg and the scholars of the Warburg-Bibliotek fur Kulturwissenschaft, especially Fritz Saxl and Erwin Panofsky, with whom he would bring to completion forty years later the work on Saturn and Melancholy, which Saxl and Panofsky had initiated in 1923.
Right now, Gargano is trying to bring to completion the expansion of the Javits Center and the construction of the Moynihan Train Station, as well as the redevelopment of lower Manhattan, however sluggish its pace might be.
But far from being slowed down, he's still hard at work putting the finishing touches on grandiose projects that need just a little extra attention to bring to completion.