bring to conclusion

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Congratulating his predecessor Jeong-Kie Lee Korean Register's chairman and chief executive officer, Sharma said: "I am grateful to Lee for his personal commitment to IACS during his chairmanship and for laying the groundwork on a number of key initiatives that will be my responsibility to bring to conclusion."
There were a couple of things that I felt very strongly about at the first of the year that we were able to bring to conclusion and near-conclusion, the first being the suitability for annuity transactions modification.
If approved by the commission, the agreement would bring to conclusion the commission's proceeding regarding San Onofre by revising the prior settlement it approved in 2014.
With this agreement, the Basel Committee will bring to conclusion the international reforms initiated in response to the global financial crisis.
We believe one of the most effective and practical way to achieve the complete abolition of nuclear weapons within a specified time frame and sustain a world free of nuclear weapons is to commence negotiation on and bring to conclusion a comprehensive nuclear weapons convention.
Members of the European Parliament are running a real marathon to try to bring to conclusion a number of emblematic transport issues.
WASHINGTON (PAN): Hopeful that the much-awaited Loya Jirga would bring to conclusion negotiations on the bilateral security agreement (BSA), a senior US official on Thursday ruled out complete withdrawal from the country post 2014.
And also, how come the military and the intelligence apparatus - both paid for through their noses by the people - were unprepared by the American incursion into Pakistan to eliminate Bin Laden and to, thus, bring to conclusion mankind's most expensive ($5tn!) and elaborate (it took a decade of global engagement) manhunt.
The first will be to complete implementation of the Lisbon Treaty and bring to conclusion the transitional phase opened by the Spanish Presidency.
Yet, remarkably, Bush is asking for more money to carry out wars that he is unable to bring to conclusion. Last December he asked Congress for an additional $42.3 billion in "emergency" funding for Iraq and Afghanistan
They will have to bring to conclusion, for instance, various legislative texts related to the multiannual financial framework (MFF) for the years 2014-2020, on which member states have finally worked out an agreement and which will now move on to Parliament (see separate article).
These two parallel registrations, announced on 30 November, bring to conclusion the bilateral pilot project aiming at ensuring protection of ten famous food names in the EU and China.