bring to justice

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The Afghan Charge d'Affaires expressed condolences on behalf of his government, assured provision of security to Pakistani diplomats and Missions in Afghanistan, and to bring to justice the perpetrators of this terrorist act.
"This is a struggle in many parts of the globe that compels the international community to join up efforts to bring to justice those who use such inhuman tactics while also protecting and promoting the fundamental values, rights and principles that terrorists so fervently seek to undermine," he added.
This information "increases the evidence base substantially and helps bring to justice not only those who killed Ukrainian Heroes, but also those who ordered the murder and provided the weaponry".
Summary: A Tripoli Salafist preacher slammed the government Friday for failing to bring to justice those involved in twin car bombings that targeted two mosques in Lebanon's second city two years ago.
WASHINGTON -- The United States urged Pakistan government to swiftly investigate the murder of human rights activist and lawyer Rashid Rehman and bring to justice those responsible.