bring to market

See: handle, sell, trade
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Tokyo, Japan, Aug 19, 2005 - (JCNN) - Central Glass will bring to market an environmentally-friendly lead-free mirror, Mie Mirror Clean, does not use lead as a coating material, on August 22.
Storage providers Nissho Electronics and Hitachi CP and Alacritus Software have joined together to bring to market the industry's first virtual tape library appliance; thus setting the bar with the next generation of storage management.
Asset/liability management can help executives make better decisions about what products to bring to market, how to cover their risks and what markets to enter.
NASDAQ: ATVI) has signed on to develop titles for the video game console, handheld and PC platforms while Glu Mobile will bring to market a mobile experience.
Mo has been instrumental in working with our design teams and manufacturing partners to help us timely bring to market our industry-leading knowledge-based processors," said Ron Jankov, president and chief executive officer of NetLogic Microsystems.
Bradley's success is based upon strategically expanding from an Acquire, Enhance and Grow to an In-License, Develop and Bring to Market business model: In-license phase II and phase III drugs with long-term intellectual property protection; Develop these products and submit completed clinical studies to the FDA for NDA approvals and commercialization; Bring to Market these patent-protected brands to fill unmet needs and leverage Bradley's marketing and sales expertise to increase shareholder value.
The support of such a premier group of investors with in-depth experience and understanding of the medical device industry, in combination with the clinical expertise of Mayo Clinic and our medical advisors, positions NBI to bring to market novel therapies initially focused in chronic pain management," said Konstantinos Alataris, Ph.
By combining these programs with our own award-winning Health and Care Support services, we are uniquely positioned to bring to market a full spectrum of highly personalized and proven interventions to maintain or improve health and productivity," Healthways President and CEO Ben R.
The additional funding will be used to sustain the company's operations as revenue ramps from iVivity's recent design wins, as well as bring to market its next generation products and expand its world class engineering capabilities.
The integration of Fortify(R) Source Code Analysis Suite and Watchfire(R) AppScan(R) will bring to market a single solution to easily identify, analyze and remediate security vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).
The Dividend Plan will reward our shareholders and allow them to increase their ownership in a series of new companies we plan to bring to market shortly.
The highly integrated CMOS device is a stand-alone VDSL2 AFE, enabling Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly bring to market VDSL2 modem or residential gateway products.