bring to notice

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A short drive through Jeddah will immediately bring to notice the following flaws:
Clinton mentioned that her campaign tried to bring to notice Russia's interference in the elections, but her claims were largely ignored at the time.
When making such a decision, Minister of Petroleum did know that prices might temporarily or lightly decrease, but government took the move to bring to notice of the OPEC members two points: Iran's might and the OPEC Charter.
Could I also bring to notice the almost daily stealing from the recycling bins, discarding what they do not find useful on the floor and also in the park.
icker on for less than half a second and then go off again until the victim recognized and terminates the script adding that the efforts to bring to notice this problem to Philips has been unfruitful, the report added.
According to me, the CAG is not following its mandate, which I feel, I wish to bring to notice," said minister of state for personnel V.
His objective is not only to bring to notice a selection of these fabulous textiles belonging to a genre that will be unfamiliar to many; but to tease out some, if not all, of the influences that combined to produce them, and to put them in the context of the artistic environment of Ranjit Singh's Punjab.
The event aims to uplift the status of environmental issues onto the world stage and to bring to notice the efforts being made by LEAD Pakistan in the areas of environment and climate change.
5 : to bring to notice <No one raised any objection.
However, I wish to bring to notice the possibility of misinterpretation of oxygenation status in such patients, when using pulse oximetry and arterial blood gas analysis as measures of tissue oxygenation.
How often in the past three years have we heard trainers, owners and sports journalists all too ready to bring down attempts to bring to notice those charged with wrongdoing, usually with little or no knowledge or appreciation of the evidence involved and the charges that had been laid, either under the criminal law or the rules of racing.