bring together

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We bring together a team of executives from each of your function areas, and we develop a session focusing on the strategic priority of a successful launch.
They present events designed to bring together area entrepreneurs to learn about and discuss relevant topics.
Long Point Media, publishers of Over the Back Fence magazine, Lake Erie Living magazine and chamber directories, combines print, event and online services to bring together the area's most marketable audiences with the best business partners.
This year we bring together several veterans of the industry to remind us, in these relatively good times for the wine industry, that we have known good times and tough times.
The IMS Plugfest, the first in a series of IMS Plugfest events, will bring together service providers and IMS vendors committed to furthering the development of IMS certification, and will provide a unique opportunity to establish agreed upon requirements and criteria for IMS applications and services interoperability.
This news follows the June 2006 announcement that TAG will hold its National Sales Training Seminar at SGMA Spring Market in June 2007, which will bring together TAG dealers' road sales professionals for education and training.
One session of the two-day forum will bring together retail analysts and CEOs of national retail chains on a panel to discuss their experiences adapting to inner city markets.
a leading provider of intelligent service procurement and vendor management solutions for the insurance claim industry, will bring together insurance industry executives and leading claim service providers for the 2006 Executive Claim Conference scheduled for September 19- 21, 2006, at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino, Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, in Arizona.