bring word

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Saudi officials also are hoping he will bring word of a breakthrough in U.
Signature Card kept this promise to its customers by working with The Simpler Group to create a website that will not only provide better customer service online, but will bring word of the company's unique and ingenious service to a larger audience.
When the same soldiers who deliver this document bring word of Jack's seeming death, Baylis must struggle to corral Ross' rage before it becomes fatal while at the same time preparing to stand his ground against the inevitable: the loss not only of his land but his marriage as well.
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal has been implored by various members of the coffee industry to bring word of this dilemma to the rest of our community in an effort to safeguard our beloved Kenya AA's
The front-page newspaper headlines that morning were continuing to bring word of dead Americans in the deserts south and west of Baghdad, and for three weeks Washington had been consumed with gossip about the government's failure to heed repeated warnings of an imminent attack on the United States by the agents of Al Qaeda.
Instead of waiting a few months for advances to bring word of appellate court decisions, now they can be found via the Internet within minutes of issuance.
Their service and attention to fine herbs have come to our attention, as we continue in our endeavors to bring word of quality worldwide suppliers to the tea trade.
encounter, and when the media bring word of horror and killings I think of her, too, and hope she survived the old Africa and the new Africa has better to offer her.
The newspaper headlines bring word of violent change--war in Bosnia, near anarchy in Moscow, famine in Somalia--but on the smooth surfaces of the magazines the faces look as vacant and imperturbable as they have looked for twenty years, as serene as the stone saints carved on the doors of Chartres cathedral.
Tuesday will bring word about the project to residents of the Springfield area.