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In Tidewater the term "forest" usually brings to mind the thickness of the Great Dismal Swamp Refuge, a forest so thick that even refuge workers get lost just footsteps away from their vehicles.
It brings to mind the comment by the British developer Stuart Lipton, who once described his vision for a business park as 'PhDs rolling in the grass'.
This capsule description of the CFR brings to mind the comments made in an October 30, 1993 column by Post ombudsman Richard Harwood, entitled "Ruling Class Journalists," in which the council was described as "the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States.
This brings to mind an incident involving my mother, who, arrested many years ago for blocking the doors to an abortion "clinic," was hanging out in a holding cell with a bunch of other scofflaws.
Much has been said about black America's leadership crisis, but reading Quitting brings to mind a far more troubling vacuum: the absence of new ideas.
This issue brings to mind the title of American writer Grace Paley's brilliant short story collection, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute.
Eros brings to mind the image of cupid hovering overhead, pulling his bow back and zinging the arrow of "love" right at the heart of the usually unsuspecting.
Mentoring brings to mind someone who has experienced situations relating to things I would like to do and guiding/providing me with insight as to how I can be successful towards my achievements.
It's likely this obsession with psychosomatic health that led one reviewer to compare Robison to Didion, though the novel's voice more readily brings to mind Lorrie Moore.
However, it is humbling because it brings to mind, in light of recent events, the very many brave people who have given so much for their fellow human beings.
It also brings to mind the on-going responsibility of those who preach and teach.
But the very reference to the classical origins of the idea of human excellence, with its obvious implication of a division between superior and inferior, brings to mind one of the variations on elitism that has long been a pejorative: aristocracy.