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Now, John, the sun is over the trees; you must be brisker than this when the bugleman blows `Bows and Bills.
Look a little brisker, man, and not so hangdog like
Their faces relapsed into a natural expression as the horses, clearing the lodge-gates, got into a brisker trot on the open road; and squads of them might have been seen, speckling with black the public-house entrances, with pewter- pots flashing in the sunshine.
We shall get some tea," he said, turning out of the shaded gloomy walk with a brisker step.
In a RenCap report titled: ' Sub-Saharan Africa in 2018 - Brisker growth, monetary easing,' the global fund manager stated.
The halfway point was reached in 13:51 and some metres later the Kenyan tandem injected a much brisker to pace to easily break away from the rest of the pack.
Thats especially true in autumn because the air is cooler and brisker, Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel said.
A brisker surface in Nottinghamshire should cast the Grade Two-winning chaser in a much more favourable light.
Their more positive outlook was also driven by expectations of higher disbursements by the government on infrastructure and other development projects, and brisker business due to the Philippines' hosting of the 30th Asean Leaders' Summit,' Guerrero added.
newmarket promises to be much brisker as The Grey Gatsby has his first start out of Group one company since May 2014.
We are anticipating even brisker business towards the end of the month.
Their more positive outlook was further driven by expectations of brisker business due to the Philippines hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leadership Summit, higher disbursements for the governments infrastructure and other development projects, and the favorable macroeconomic conditions in the country, particularly manageable inflation, low interest rates, and a stable peso.