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Earlier, addressing a group meeting of the members, she said that the development schemes worth Rs5 million each in all the 124 rural union councils of Sialkot district were briskly underway.
Men who walked briskly for 30 minutes, five days a week for four weeks, had a BMI that was one unit lower than average.
It appears that men who walk briskly after their diagnosis may delay or even prevent progression of their disease," said lead scientist Erin Richman, from the University of California, San Francisco.
Burn 200 calories by walking briskly for 40 minutes.
The demand for wetlaid nonwovens in particular has greatly increased in the water treatment field and briskly changed in 2008.
Units, which are selling briskly, range from first floor duplexes with exclusive garden and patios starting at $565,000, to 680 s/f one-bedrooms for $455,000.
Authoritatively authored by Peter Davey (late of this parish), with an essay by Kurt Forster, it canters briskly through this well-regarded firm's oeuvre, from the early work at Gateshead and Rotherham, to the inevitable assault on China, with a stratospheric tower in Guangzhou.
Tickets for the first sci-fi concert on Friday, August 31, have been selling so briskly that the CBSO is staging a repeat performance on Tuesday, September, 11.
The ballet moves briskly, the choreography flows well, and the action grabs the attention.
At times, it proceeds glacially; at others, briskly if goofily.
Far from tying down, he was walking briskly along the road, with a broad smite on his face.
Hughes briskly ushers the narrative along in 36 very short chapters.