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We walked briskly in partners and saw lots of flowers in people's gardens, they were called Ivy, Camellia and Cherry Blossom.
Juice one half very briskly, and the other half a little less briskly.
In the statement, the RBI said after a careful analysis of the housing loans data, it has been observed that the level of NPAs for the ticket size of up to Rs 2 lakh has been high and is rising briskly.
Prices for building materials continued to rise briskly, especially for lumber, drywall, and concrete.
Senior citizens, in particular, are not able to go outside their houses because they cannot walk briskly enough or run and outpace the dogs that bark and chase them.
The construction work of 123 road projects worth Rs1.40 billion was briskly underway in Sialkot district which will connect the rural areas with the urban ones, said Chairperson Hina Arshad Warraich.
Khawaja Asif revealed that the construction work was briskly underway on various communication development-oriented projects (worth of Rs 150 billion) in and around the Sialkot city.
He stands accused of holding a youngster by the wrist or forearm and lifting him from the ground before "briskly" escorting him from class.
He is accused of holding the pupil by the wrist or forearm and lifting him off the ground before "briskly" escorting him out of the classroom.
The briskly collective awakening might repeat in other areas as well.
It turns out walking briskly for half an hour is better than the gym for fitness and losing weight.
SEOUL, March 10 (KUNA) -- Relations between South Korea and the Middle Eastern countries have progressed briskly with the former receiving about two million barrels of oil daily from oil-producing Arab states, said a Kuwaiti official on Thursday.