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Work, 1963, by Motonaga, featuring successive layers of pooled paint, deftly counters the apparent briskness with which Shiraga's feet moved across the canvas.
Taking the crone on his back, he finds easy passage across the rapids, facilitated, unbeknownst to him, by Hera's supernatural interventions, but also by the heartening effect of her affiliation: "the briskness of her tone encouraged the young man; and, besides, he had never in his life felt so vigorous and mighty, as since taking this old woman on his back.
Compared to the preceding songs, the music on "Lonesome Hills'' is relatively upbeat, and the briskness cuts through the listener like wind, reflecting lyrics such as "I felt the chill of the autumn breeze/and knew that I had to go,'' and the even more sinister, "There is no hiding what I will become/if I stay here/I had to save you from myself.
These six scales have been distinguished as follows: briskness (BR) and perseveration (PE), as dimensions referring to the temporal characteristics of behavior (TCB), and sensory sensitivity (SS), endurance (EN), emotional reactivity (ER) and activity (AC), as traits representing the energetic characteristics of behavior (ECB).
The quality of CTC (crush, tear and curl) black tea mainly depends on flavanol composition present in the cell vacuole of green leaf, oxidised during processing leading to the formation of black tea pigments, theaflavins (golden yellow) and thearubigins (orange brown) which are largely responsible for brightness, briskness, colour and strength [1,8,9].
Unfortunately for him, his birthday fell on January 2nd, and Arnold and Marge had decided, with secular briskness, to combine his Hanukkah present and birthday present into one somewhat larger gift.
I'm most interested in their reactions to Caroline, and if they let her grow as a character, because some folks (usually self-identified parents of high schoolers) were really frustrated with her behavior and her briskness and her attitude.
That numb, downy separation between you and the outside world has gone, replaced by a crisp, alert briskness.
It turns out that it's the time spent walking that's protective against stroke rather than the briskness, so it seems that accumulating more time walking is most beneficial.
Clarke swatted aside any questions about the England team with the same briskness he will hope to punish any loose bowling from the English over the next seven weeks.
For making traditional spiced chai, she recommends Assam tea, known for its briskness, malty flavor, and full body.
The descriptions of her romances manage to combine sexual frankness, an admirable briskness (so that the reader doesn't feel the boredom of repetition or "narrow" focus) and lyricism.