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Correspondences between clinical observation and EMG in basal ganglia disorders Clinical observations EMG Affected parts of the body Simultaneous recording from many muscles Pattern of movement Pattern of EMG Briskness Duration of discharges Irregularity Irregularity of discharges Amount of movement Amount of action potentials Underlying muscle tone Tonic discharges at rest Response to passive stretch Provoking or inhibiting factors Recording under different physical or mental conditions (From Yanagisawa and Hashimoto, 1992 (11)) Table 2.
Significant personality differences were found in the indices of "emotional reactivity" and "endurance and briskness" between students who preferred a surgical or nonsurgical specialty.
It has been developed several methodologies for the evaluation of the sensory properties of tea such as electronic nose and electronic tongue and they describe aroma and smell, and astringency, briskness, and taste, respectively.
The cooking aromas are seductive, the specials board inviting and there's a friendly briskness about the place which, though small, could comfortably pack in some 40 people.
After listening to just the first few bars, one is totally captured by the frolicsome and poetic music, which the Smetana Trio imbue with a youthful briskness and lightness, radiating great optimism and joie de vivre.
And instead of trying to compete with Louis Vuitton and Gucci, aim at a more modest client by re-using Ben Shaw pop bottles and charging a quid a piece for the salty breeze of Scarborough (with a hint of fish and chips) and the briskness of the Pennines (as long as it's captured when the wind is not coming from the direction of Lancashire).
Delphine Bechtel has read these two passages in opposition to each other--the description of the Prague circumcision characterized by its clinical briskness, and that of the Russian circumcision by its extended attention to the various details and practices surrounding the main ritual.
Greg crossed the room with a briskness unusual in a casual setting.
"The local businesses seem very pleased with the briskness."
Our drinks were served with admirable briskness - a pint of Purity Longhorn IPA (PS5) and a 175ml chardonnay (PS6.65).
Slide Mode Observer technique provides briskness to certain disturbances and crucial parameter variation.