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Adigun noted that it is unclear whether the brittleness from gel manicures is attributed to the chemicals in the gel nail polish or from the acetone soaks needed to remove the polish.
metal forming process), microstructural changes and deformation induced martensite occurs which has a great influence on mechanical properties--increase of hardness and significant decrease of toughness which results in a very dangerous brittleness.
b], storage modulus E', viscoelastic recovery f, and brittleness B.
Vitamin C and calcium help prevent brittleness, vitamin B12 can aid dryness and zinc prevents white spots.
In the July 8, 2005 Science, Aizenberg and her colleagues in California and Germany described how the sponge's design avoids the normal brittleness of glass.
The authors assume that the reason of worsening of the temperature of cold brittleness of chromium in case of its alloying by metals of the VII group, in particular manganese, is a not completely clarified character of change of a number of physical characteristics like dislocation structure, energy of stacking fault, solubility of interstitial elements, degree of twinning deformation development, etc.
This new technology is revolutionary due to the fast cure and elimination of brittleness normally associated with vinyl esters and polyesters.
6]LiF with some ingredients added to reduce the brittleness of LiF-ceramics.
Despite lasting for only five-and-a-half days out of a possible ten in a two-Test series against England, we can forgive them their brittleness.
The HSS-XE tool steel is fully ground to a proprietary geometry, and hardened to 12% cobalt tool steel without brittleness.
If you entrap it in resin you retain its tensile strength and lose its brittleness.