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More like the noise of powdering a iron bar on a nutmeg-grater,' suggested Brittles.
I'll call up that poor lad, Brittles, and save him from being murdered in his bed; or his throat," I says, "may be cut from his right ear to his left, without his ever knowing it.
Here, all eyes were turned upon Brittles, who fixed his upon the speaker, and stared at him, with his mouth wide open, and his face expressive of the most unmitigated horror.
We're dead men, I think, Brittles," I says,' continued Giles;
You're a woman,' retorted Brittles, plucking up a little.
If Brittles would rather open the door, in the presence of witnesses,' said Mr.
Brittles obeyed; the group, peeping timourously over each other's shoulders, beheld no more formidable object than poor little Oliver Twist, speechless and exhausted, who raised his heavy eyes, and mutely solicited their compassion.
In a lantern, miss,' cried Brittles, applying one hand to the side of his mouth, so that his voice might travel the better.
He looks as if he was a-going, miss,' bawled Brittles, in the same manner as before.