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Um, I wish I had broached the topic because it looked like that was going to be an issue, you know, in the counseling relationship.
It was not a meeting specifically about them entering a team into the SFL but the subject was broached over coffee when the formal meeting finished.
At one time, these parts were going on a particular SUV and were being broached and then milled.
In these essays, Ragusa's central interests -- her commercial and political contacts, use of ports and rights of navigation vis-a-vis Venice -- are broached, but there is also discussion of the Balkan hinterland, and of the Ottoman world.
Homosexuality in the black community is a subject rarely broached.
Predictably, prostitution and HIV were broached by Chrystalyn E.
The Loop was broached by arched gateways, and visitors encouraged to explore the stand as if in a game.
Later, when I broached the idea of racism among the students, even the African Americans waxed rhapsodic about the empowerment they felt.
The chairman said he broached the topic of independence because he had always held in high regard the "tremendous contributions the profession made to the stability and sophistication" of U.
When Reagan first broached the idea,"directing NASA to develop a permanently manned space station, and to do it within a decade,' the cited cost was about $8 billion.
The talks aimed primarily on the bilateral partnership between Algeria and France, ahead of the conference of the Algerian-French High Level Inter-governmental Committee that will occur in February 2016 and also on the problems broached on the event of the Forum of Dakar.