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Education sessions: All study participants were given printed broachers which had information focused on six cardinal areas of fasting and diabetes identified in Ramadan specific guidelines.
It also stated that print media like newspapers (Urdu and English), magazines, broachers, pamphlets and handouts are continuously patronising the trend of illegal advertisements on therapeutic good, internet, social media, text messages and emails have become another source of promoting products registered or messages and emails have become another source of promoting products registered or unregistered and falsified products without any approval.
He said Honda Atlas Company has cooperated with Traffic Police by giving huge quantity of helmets and awareness broachers.
The complainants alleging that the company alluded them by showing broachers and layout plan for the proposed township of about 1500 acres.
Tenders are invited for Installation of holdings in kalaburagi district and supplying kalaburagi district tourism broachers
The TIC also distributed broachers among the tourists about various resorts of the area.
Mr Safi said all the cattle farm owners and other stakeholders were educated through broachers and pamphlets about the deadly virus and precautionary measures against it.
Local public awareness should be initiated by broachers and pamphlets in their local languages.
The book ambassadors and other departments of NBF are preparing for book reading sessions, dialogues, broachers, inaugural and concluding ceremonies and kids programs titled 'kids republic'.
This promotional activity is not limited to the use of regular media rather, it involves using advertisements, pamphlets, broachers, and signboards for advertising saving schemes.
Western tourist broachers encouraged adventure sport enthusiasts to try Gulmarg for the ultimate powder ski experience of their lives.