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Education sessions: All study participants were given printed broachers which had information focused on six cardinal areas of fasting and diabetes identified in Ramadan specific guidelines.
Federal Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal, Inspectors General of Police, Police Officers, bureaucrats, people from civil society, students, teachers, and people from all walks of life and media personnel visited NH and MP Road Safety stall and showed great interest in Road Safety pamphlets and broachers.
The book ambassadors and other departments of NBF are preparing for book reading sessions, dialogues, broachers, inaugural and concluding ceremonies and kids programs titled 'kids republic'.
More than 3000 motorbikes have been checked thoroughly with the collaboration of Atlas Honda while 6000 leaflets and broachers were also distributed under the campaign.
Interested firms must provide information that they are qualified to perform the contract, which may include broachers, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills manpower, annual turnover, quality certification, valid license etc.
Western tourist broachers encouraged adventure sport enthusiasts to try Gulmarg for the ultimate powder ski experience of their lives.
Special awareness campaigns should be undertaken in endemic areas by local area facilitators along with pictorial broachers.
The Chief Minister Sindh said that the Sindh Government and its organization concerned have printed out the books and broachers to showcase the upcoming projects and investment opportunities in Sindh and desired for exchange of bilateral business delegation under the Pak-Korea Business Council to witness and avail these opportunities.
Product broachers from good quality service providers Sales and Distribution Network: Expert's advise and distribution agreements are required with.