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1) Broaches are bar-shaped cutting tools that, when attached to broaching machines, are used to remove material from workpieces to form complex holes and finish surfaces with a high degree of accuracy.
The buyer said that it would boost Federal Broach's production capacity to market broaches and broach machines in Asia, while also using the company to bolster the position of its own gear cutting products in North America and Europe.
25-inch length rotary broaches; stock of available standard broaches also has been increased, the company said.
Finally, the author broaches philosophical questions, such as whether the universe is infinite, whether nonhuman intelligent life might reach Earth, and whether time has an end.
Content and behavior are just two--but highly important--areas she broaches.
Vintage diamond floral broaches were stitched onto a ribbon designed by Fred Leighton and worn in Scarlett Johansson's hair.
It's telling that some black dance artists expressed caution about discussing some of the topics Dixon Gottschild broaches in her interviews.
This fascinating study broaches a topic that has long been analyzed with little more than wild speculation.
10) Steelmans Broaches Pvt Ltd11) Super Hobs & Broaches P.
Products manufactured by Federal Broach include helical broaches, which are used for machining the helical gears found in motor vehicle automatic transmissions, and "Pine tree" type broaches(2), which are mainly used in machining parts for aircraft engines and power generation systems.
It supplied broaches to cut the internal, external, and blind splines for gears that go into automotive power-train parts.