broad meaning

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Imran Khani has broad meaning that includes change, eradication of corruption, justice, health, education etc,' said PTI MPA Fazal Elahi.
That, combined with the very broad meaning the opinion ascribed to the Privacy Exclusion, meant that there was no coverage.
I don't think the FDA gives it a very broad meaning, as some examples from warning letters will show.
Khaled Al-Falih proposed the idea of changing the name of the Forum to be the "Energy Information Forum for the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries", thus expanding its base to include all energy sectors and related ones, reflecting the expansion of the GCC countries' attention not to petrolum only but also to energy in its broad meaning.
The broad meaning of the prohibition to punish the practice of medical activities consistent with deontology, including all kinds of criminal and administrative sanctions such as ordering to shut down a doctor's office.
The word has a broad meaning and often servesAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA as an umbrella to encapsulate negative sentiments ranging from an individual's anti-Islam views to society-wide discrimination against Muslims.
However, the YSK rejected the application, saying that the word "inE-allah" has a broad meaning and cannot be narrowed down to a religious theme.
The Court found that using a broad meaning of restrain would defeat the precision of that list and render the terms "assessment" and "levy," as well as the terms "enjoin" and "suspend," meaningless.
The racing genre is pretty mature at this point and many console racing fans are therefore eager to for this kind of additional depth, plus the racing genre is also very broad meaning this kind of personalization will allow fans of both traditional racing games on consoles and veteran PC sim racing titles to feel right at home.
In this context, our first aim is to develop a general methodological framework for physiologically informed microvascular fluid dynamics modeling, understood in a broad meaning, i.
The phrase "arising out of" must be read expansively and has a broad meaning analogous to "but for" causation.
A special invitation goes out for a dance honoring "veterans,'' which takes on a broad meaning at the tribal powwows.