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The ECF-supported program will aim at strengthening the resilience of the Guinean economy, scaling-up public investments in infrastructure to foster high and more broad-based growth while preserving medium-term debt sustainability, strengthening social safety nets to reduce poverty and foster inclusion, and promoting the development of the private sector.
Income value-added tax with Social Security tax integration--This would substitute a broad-based, flat-rate income tax for current individual and corporate income taxes, as well as the payroll tax.
Arid while CPAs are now doing this broad-based work, the next generation of leading professionals will not be CPAs, because they are not going to come through the GAAP GAAS eye of the needle that is now demanded of them under state laws.
Meanwhile, market analysts became concerned that Japan's economic recovery was neither broad-based nor self-sustaining and that there was a potential for negative effects from the April I consumption tax hike; there were also concerns about strains in the Japanese financial sector.
The evidence is mounting that companies with significant employee ownership outperform both their industry peers and the broad-based stock indices.
A broad-based consumption tax would have definitional
These companion bills, entitled the "Broad-Based Stock Option Transparency Act(s) of 2003," direct the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to require enhanced disclosures of employee stock options, and to study the economic impact of broad-based stock option plans.
529 program to select among various broad-based investment strategies offered by a program, both at the time that contributions are made and at certain other times, may be consistent with Sec.
And the effect of these proposals is to open up the government securities market to broad-based participation.