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The spires of meeting-houses seemed set adrift from their foundations; the broad-based hills glided away.
As per the December ASX report Spotlight on ETPs, Australian broad-based ETPs represent the largest share of FUM at 36.
This is entirely different from saying that we don't have broad-based popular support from all over Wales.
Flat consumption tax--This proposal would completely scrap the existing tax system for a broad-based, flat consumption tax.
According to the legislative history, the provision will limit the establishment of SESOPs to entities that provide broad-based employee coverage and that benefit rank-and-file employees, not just highly compensated employees and historical owners.
As we become a more broad-based and balanced aerospace company, we are looking for suppliers who can help improve cost, quality and delivery performance across our Boeing businesses.
Technology know-how combined with broad-based business expertise make CPAs ideally suited to meet the increasing IT needs of employers and clients.
Strobovideolaryngoscopy detected a broad-based, solid, white mass in the striking zone on the right vocal fold and a broad-based fibrotic-appearing mass along the superior surface of the left vocal fold lateral to the region of the striking zone (figure).
Many predict that the broad-based professionals of the future simply will not go to the trouble of earning a CPA credential.
1) The contrast between the dollar's performance against the yen and its performance against the mark primarily reflected broad-based yen strength and generalized mark weakness.
The payoff: Studies show that companies with significant employee ownership - including General Mills, SAIC, and Southwest Airlines - outperform both their industry peers and the broad-based stock indices.
A key issue to be resolved is the president's proposed broad-based energy tax, which was passed by the House but excluded from the Senate version.