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Spend some time with yourself to find your discomfort and you will be well on the way to a life free of it." Simple exercises and pages for notetaking enhance this broad-minded, positive inspiration-focused guide to taking charge of one's own life.
His presence persisted into the 20th-century Yiddish literature that I study, where the most idealized doctors were intellectuals with a common touch, broad-minded humanists whose ready empathy was channeled into liberal political and social engagement.
Does she suggest that English students who come to Wales have a narrower education, or that perhaps to make them more broad-minded they should all go to Germany?
Now it is a two-hour play littered with four letter words and explicit descriptions of sexual acts that will shock even the most broad-minded.
Thankfully audiences in Birmingham are more broad-minded and gave the first night's show a standing ovation.
Part one analyzes the history of children's literature and the modern-day diversity of its genres; part two is packed with tips, tricks, and techniques from professionals in the field; and part 3 includes broad-minded guidance such as how to shape a solid plot, create well-rounded characters, handle tricky subjects, and even finding a capable agent or publisher when ready for print.
Alas for the broad-minded, the Constitution names only four crimes or offenses Congress has the power to penalize: counterfeiting, treason, piracy on the high seas, and offenses against-the law of nations." The crime of not buying health insurance didn't make the cut.
She considers how his reputation changed from a broad-minded Muslim thinker in the 1940s and 50s to leader of the most rigid and narrow faction of Islamism some 40 years later, the influence of his relations with Middle Eastern countries, the impact of his Dewan Da'wah Islamiyah Indonesia organization on other Islamist movements, and similar issues.
She also said that she's sure that Price is broad-minded enough to shrug it off and if not she'll just have to take that up with him.
We don't mind disagreement, in fact, we feel civil disagreement is at the very heart of why we elect multi-member boards to represent a broad-minded public.
BROAD-MINDED Culture Club members who are game for a laugh have the chance to win a pair of tickets to see the musical comedy Busting Out at the Empire Theatre in Consett, County Durham on Friday, September 24 at 7.30pm.
Forget Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal, tonight's Champions League semi-final is sure to capture the imagination of broad-minded British viewers.