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Cameron may be anti-Punch and Judy but now the broad-minded public are left in no doubt that its David who is the real puppet
a keen student of men and social conditions--a broad-minded, warm-hearted, lovable and very noble American" (2).
Steel workers can be as interested in art as anyone and people might be intimidated by artistic groups but really the guys I used to work with were as broad-minded as anyone.
Peter to himself, comprising a potted but broad-minded history of Christian literature, and his Latin paraphrase and expansion (to 378) of Eusebius' Chronicle, a world history from Abraham to 325, with emphasis on chronology and synchronisation of disparate events.
He added: "There's a lot of violence and a lot of passion in the play, but in my experience Edinburgh audiences are pretty broad-minded.
But although the broad-minded Ponty boy clearly enjoys the rhyming antics of Dwain Xain, Adam Hussein and co.
My hope is that people will be broad-minded about the film, not reductive.
There have been countless New Orleans r&b compilations, but this splendid four-parter is more broad-minded than most, taking in 85 tracks by past, present and future Crescent City groove genies Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Dr.
As a result of this broad-minded enterprise, there arose a great respect for Muslim scholars such as the Arab philosopher from Cordoba, Ibn Rushd, known to Europeans as Averroes.
In Berkowitz's words, "this meant that the best way to defeat your enemy was to attack the components of its information systems, and Rona was broad-minded in defining 'component.
An extremely broad-minded and generous thinker, Brand's perspective undoubtedly derives in part from his life experience, which includes a stint as one of the Merry Pranksters featured in Tom Wolfe's classic Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.
Owners remained far-sighted and broad-minded in their store leasing decisions, valuing the quality and stability of their tenancy more than simply the dollar value of the space.