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Given Keach's capacity for broad-mindedness even where he insists upon matters of literary-political value, the severe treatment of Blake within a final chapter on revolutionary violence comes as an unwelcome surprise.
The ability to communicate with different groups of people from whatever background, ie sexuality, ethnicity, age, professional, public, a sense of humour and broad-mindedness
The same values of preservation, respect, and broad-mindedness that underlie the Endangered Species Act should be applied to human beings who are at risk.
Nowhere is this broad-mindedness more apparent than in support for conservation of the environment.
Familiarity with a foreign language suggests an excellent education, intellectual curiosity and cultural broad-mindedness.
Such broad-mindedness was noticeably absent, we submit, in China's refusal to approve for Taiwan its desired associate membership in the World Health Organization following the outbreak of the SARS epidemic.
No doubt to lend Canadian Catholics the necessary air of dispassionate broad-mindedness, Fay conceals from its readers the fact that he is a Jesuit priest, and has chosen to have it published jointly by two secular university presses as part of a series of studies in the history of religion.
They demand broad-mindedness, pluralistic perspectives and flexible positions, characteristics that are still scarce among most leaders of social movements, even the women's and feminist movements.
Is it broad-mindedness or just chance that led to the inclusion, at the end of the book, of a younger generation's reappraisal of Mies?
That Charles, with his broad-mindedness and affability, would make a refreshing change.
There are none so narrow-minded as the sneering liberals who pride themselves on their broad-mindedness. Naturally, they know better than the masses.