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Independent Internet broadcasters are invited to sign up or view a demo at http://www.
After research, script topics are chosen with the help of broadcasters, agriculture extension specialists and by learning what other organizations, such as UNICEF, have identified as priorities.
Outstanding Performance Results in Wider Penetration of One of the World's Most Demanding Broadcasters
Our first guest broadcaster was Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.
Meanwhile, one looming problem has not even begun to be addressed: In-the-field tests of television sets equipped with digital tuners suggest that DTV reception--at least under the technical standard digital broadcasters are currently required to use, dubbed 8VSB--is not as reliable as analog broadcast reception.
In the 1980s, Reagan-era deregulation empowered broadcasters to give up all pretense of serving the public interest and focus exclusively on the bottom line.
The Telecommunications Act also required the FCC, if it decided to allocate the licenses, to give them only to incumbent broadcasters.
The legislation eliminated the 40-station nationwide ownership limit, and permitted broadcasters to purchase up to eight radio stations in large markets and five in small markets.
Lobbyist Jim May of the National Association of Broadcasters says with a "That's all we have to do.
What Dunifer and other micro broadcasters are doing, says FCC attorney David Silberman, amounts to "anarchy of the airwaves.
In addition, broadcasters can view one another through the Broadcaster Live interface that features two-way cams and personalized messaging options.

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