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Japan has a long way to go to catch up with other broadcasting giants.
After decades of corporate machinations, Toronto--based Baton Broadcasting took over ownership in 1997.)
COACH: Many of the baseball fans in New York believe that you and Ralph Kiner made the most informative and entertaining baseball team in broadcasting. Have you changed your approach any since you moved into the national spotlight?
I don't want to work in just any kind of broadcasting. I want to work in this broadcasting.'
Powers over broadcasting legislation will remain at Westminster after the Scottish Parliament is set up.
NHK changed its overseas broadcasting into digital from analog in April, making it difficult to watch NHK programs without digital satellite broadcast monitoring equipment.
Fax broadcasting of unsolicited advertising is illegal in the U.S.
But as the radio industry moved toward network and commercial broadcasting, the novelty wore off; by the end of the decade, potted palm music was fast becoming a relic.
Public television and radio set the standard for quality broadcasting in America.
The painfully slow development of the news department is discussed in detail as it grew from an unorganized appendage of the service into a more professional organization which demanded a more prominent role in broadcasting.
Satellite broadcasting and telecommunication began in the late 1960s with the successful launch of the TELESTAR satellite and rapidly expanded.

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